Algorithm Accepted speed Profitability Total Balance
FutureHash N/A Hash/s N/A /day N/A
* Future Network *
  • Total Open Supply:
  • Network HODL: N/A
  • Network hash: 0 Hash/s
  • Your contract balance: Less than 0.001
* Hacking Stats *
  • Attack power:
  • Defense power:
  • Attack:
  • Immunity:
  • Maximum stealing: 50%

ICO of the day:
Daily SALE is live, ends in
n/a Token
Total investment
ICO pot equals: n/a
Your investment so far: n/a
Card image cap
Cloud mining
Everyone start somewhere

Hashrate: 1 Hash/s
Cost: 128

Card image cap
Ntel Spectre
Mine with CPU then,meltdown

Hashrate: 64 Hash/s
Cost: 1024

Card image cap
Atti Vegan 65
Best red GPU on the market

Hashrate: 1024 Hash/s
Cost: 204800

Card image cap

Hashrate: 8192 Hash/s
Cost: 25600000

Card image cap
Mvidia 1090GTX
Best green GPU on the market

Hashrate: 65536 Hash/s
Cost: 0.5

Card image cap
ASIC miner
No way to resist him

Hashrate: 100000 Hash/s
Cost: 30000000000

Card image cap
Mining Farm
There is no more chance to hide, your Rigs need more space

Hashrate: 500000 Hash/s
Cost: 300000000000

Card image cap
The Wave 3000 Q
Every non-Quantumproof coin is under your control

Hashrate: 3000000 Hash/s
Cost: 5.0

Card image cap
Hidden ??
Nobody know what is this, but it can mine crypto!

Hashrate: 30000000 Hash/s
Cost: 1.0E+14

Card image cap
DDoS were never so easy designed by 4Chan

Attack: +10
Cost: 100000 Coin

Card image cap
H4CK3R Guy
Without them you cannot build a succesor army

Attack: +1000
Cost: 80000000 Coin

Card image cap
Kali Linux
The ultimate toolkit for hacking, still need to be in good hands

Attack: +100000
Cost: 0.5

Card image cap
Vindows Firewall
It cannot be uninstalled or turn off, even if you need!

Defense: +15
Cost: 100000 Coin

Card image cap
Hardware Wallet
Are you really keep money on a piece of paper, Trezor it now!

Defense: +1500
Cost: 80000000 Coin

Card image cap
Mr. Mccafee
He will defend you, if not, I will eat...

Defense: +150000
Cost: 0.5

Card image cap
Only 5 space exist, if you are outbuyed 20% interest is yours. Invest to Bitconnect now!

Hashrate: + 500%
Cost: 5

Card image cap
Dont't worry your Rig life-cycle is already decided anyway...

Hashrate: + 30%
Cost: 0.05

Card image cap
Keep them chill and increase your hashrate AF

Hashrate: + 50%
Cost: 5

Card image cap
100% OC is not a big deal for him, BUT CAN IT RUN CRYSIS?

Hashrate: + 100%
Cost: 50